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“Wrestle, Daddy!” March 17, 2009

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 12:25 am

One of the things that does my heart so much good is to see my husband playing with our children!  Honestly, I love the break it gives me,  but really I love to see him enjoy our children and spend time with them since he is gone all day.

When Brad came home from work tonight, two-year-old Luke ran to greet him and said, “Wrestle, Daddy!”  My children know that their daddy loves to play with them, and when he gets home, that is their special time.  Instantly, Brad can transform from pastor to playmate as he gets down on the floor and puts headlocks on three kids at the same time.  I love the bonding that takes place between them as they roll, push, and pull each other (all in love, of course!).

Dads are huge influences in the lives of their children.  Let’s not underestimate how important play time with Daddy is.  I thank God for the daddy in my children’s lives who is willing to play!june2008-006


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