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More Hours in my Day? April 16, 2009

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How many times have we wished for more hours in our day?  I can’t help but think that if we could have more hours in our day, we would just fill those hours up with even more things to do.  We already have enough to do!  God ordered our days perfectly with 24 hours for a reason.

I am preparing to travel with my husband to Chicago for a conference next week.  Our children are being dispersed to family members for the week, and I am a busy mommy getting us all ready to go.  Some of the things that have been part of my schedule this week include speaking at a homeschool curriculum sharing event, a doctor’s appointment, a lunch date, having a friend for dinner, a play date, grocery runs, buying a birthday gift, pulling summer clothes out of the attic for my kids, haircuts, a field trip, oh, and getting in a week of school lessons!

On busy days, we may try to justify skipping our quiet times with the Lord because we have so much to do, but I think busy days are all the more reason to NOT skip our time with the Lord.  Seeking Him daily through prayer and Bible reading is what focuses us for the day.  I often pray that God will give me wisdom and discernment to handle whatever may come my way.  Sometimes we are thrown into circumstances that we do not plan on, and He is able to guide us through those times.  Psalm 34: 10b says “those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”  He wants to help you order your day, and he will give you the strength, grace, and wisdom to get done for the day what is sufficient.  Sometimes that may mean looking at our “TO DO” lists and setting priorities.  Sometimes that may mean saying “no” to something good.

No, I don’t wish for my hours in my day!  Thank you, God, for giving me a new day and help me to live it to your glory!


Happy Easter April 11, 2009

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I believe Easter is another attempt of the secular world to “hijack” a Christian holiday.  It has become so commercialized, just like Christmas.  The emphasis is the Easter bunny, Easter baskets overflowing with goodies, egg hunts, candy, and new spring outfits.  I certainly do not believe any of these things are wrong, but they must be put into proper perspective.    As Christians, we must remember and emphasize that this holiday is all about Jesus and what He did on the cross for us!

As my husband and toddler ran an errand yesterday afternoon, Good Friday, he witnessed someone dressed as Jesus, carrying a cross, and  surrounded by Roman soldiers, walking beside the road.  It struck me as an awesome reminder of the true meaning of Easter.  Jesus was sent to the earth as a baby, fully God and fully man.  His sole purpose was to sacrifice His life on the cross for sinners.  God put His wrath and punishment of sin on His One and Only Son, Jesus, so that we can be saved and go to heaven.  We can be saved from the punishment of hell because of what Jesus did for us.  Three days after Jesus died, He rose from the grave.  He is alive!  He is preparing a place in heaven for Christians!  That is something to celebrate!  That is what Easter is all about!

Take time to share with your children what makes Easter so special.  If you don’t tell them, they may never know.  I love to use Resurrection eggs to tell the story.  Each plastic egg contains a piece of the Easter story that children love to see and hold.  Read afresh the account of the last days of Jesus in the book of Matthew, chapters 26, 27, and 28.  Pray and ask the Lord to show you anew the realness of His love for you.  God’s Word is powerful and refreshing!


Happy Birthday, Lindsay! April 7, 2009

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april-2009 My little girl is nine today!!  It’s been fun to recall with her my memories of her birth day.  I had a regularly schedule doctor’s appointment that morning and was told I was in labor.  I knew I was uncomfortable, but I didn’t really know what was going on.  I was sent home to eat a light lunch and pack a few last minute things, before heading to the hospital.  I remember sitting in the lobby waiting for Brad to park the car.  I thought “I’m going to have a baby today.  I can’t believe the day is finally here!”

My labor was slow to progress, so I was given medicine to bring it on.  We spent our afternoon watching The Masters on television and waiting for the baby to come.  Finally at 10:30pm, Lindsay Kamryn made her grand entrance.  I think she was just waiting for her grandparents to arrive first!  She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. and was absolutely perfect!

The nurses told me to call them if I wanted them to take Lindsay to the nursery so I could get some sleep.  Desiring to be the competent and wonderful mommy of all time, I decided I wanted to keep my baby in the room with me…too many stories of mixed-up babies that I didn’t want to risk.  I even sent Brad to the nursery with her right after she was born to make sure SHE was the baby returned to us!!  I could handle this newborn!  Well, when Lindsay started exercising her lungs for no reason at all, I gave up and told Brad to call the nursery.  When the nurse answered, Brad said all he could hear in the back ground was other screaming babies!  When she came to wheel Lindsay off, I cried at my lack of ability to calm and handle my own baby!  However, I soon learned that a little sleep goes a long way in your outlook of life!  Sleep for a new mom is a beautiful thing!

Today, I am amazed at how quickly nine years have passed.  I remember a lot of things like they happened yesterday, but the rest of the memories come from what I have journaled in her baby book.  Lindsay is a beautiful girl, inside and out.  She has a sweet and kind spirit along with a compassionate heart.   She is so very precious to me, and I thank the Lord for giving me a daughter, who I celebrate today!


Memories for the Book April 6, 2009

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april-2009-0411My beautiful first born and only daughter is celebrating her ninth birthday tomorrow!  She is horse-crazy, so we had her birthday party on Saturday at a horse farm in town.  She and her friends loved riding under a gorgeous blue sky and a perfect afternoon.  Everyone had lots of fun!

This day was supposed to be a recorded memory for Lindsay’s baby book, however, I will have to add a page in Luke’s baby book as well.  On the morning of the party while I was “doing” my hair and having a conversation with my husband, I suddenly became aware of a dooming quiet.  I said to Brad, “I don’t trust a quiet toddler.”  I called for Luke about three times before he came running into our bedroom.  He had guilt written all over his face.  I went into the playroom to see what he had been into, and discovered with horror what had been entertaining him so intently.  He had gotten into his Nana’s bag and opened two bottles of pills.  Pills were scattered across the bed, and my heart pounded out of my chest.  I grabbed Luke and looked in his mouth.  I could tell he had chewed at least one blue pill and probably had swallowed it.  As I surveyed the scene, I saw where he had also chewed a pink pill, but had spit it out.   I started crying and screaming for Brad saying, “We’ve got to take him somewhere.”  My pediatrician’s office was closed (of course this happened on a Saturday), and I told Brad to head for the ER.  Calm-headed, he took us to Urgent Care nearby to ask their opinion.  They said they would evaluate him and send him on if necessary.  I scooped him up out of his car seat and into the building.  The nurse met me in the hallway and showed me to a room.

Nana was able to recall the number of pills she had for each of the two medications and the number that were missing.  We deduced that Luke had ingested 10 mg of valium.  The doctor who saw us was very kind, personable, and good with Luke.  All of Luke’s vitals were normal, and they encouraged us to keep a close eye on him for respiratory distress.  We returned home, very relieved and praising God!

Luke, Nana, and I sat on the sofa watching cartoons with our increasingly sleepy little boy.  The valium was kicking in and Luke acted as giddy as I’d ever seen anyone!  He kept grinning and talking silly.  He could not walk or stand up straight.  After lunch, he happily went to bed and slept soundly until I had to wake him for Lindsay’s party.

He was pretty much back to normal by party time.  At the farm, he walked over to the fence to pet a miniature pony and it bit him on the arm.  Luke cried and cried.  Poor little guy…it just wasn’t his day!!  He found a truck to play with in the sand, but when he started to chase the huge bumblebee, I intervened quite quickly!

Some days are just like that…it seems like everything goes wrong!  No matter how careful and protective I try to be as a mom, I have discovered that I cannot protect my children from everything.  That’s why I have to turn their well being over to the Lord.  He has the power and wisdom to protect my children!  I pray that God would divinely intervene at any moment necessary to protect them.  I know God has big plans for Luke…He has saved him too many times!  Thank you, Lord!