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Salt of the Earth May 7, 2009

Filed under: Laughter and Lessons — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:38 pm


Laughter:  One night during dinner I got up from the table and announced that I was going to retrieve the soy sauce from the refrigerator to put on my rice.   My six-year old son said, “Oh, you mean the stuff that makes it taste?”  I just had to laugh, and then I thought a little more deeply about that.

Lesson:  The Bible tells us in Matthew 5:13 that Christians are the salt of the earth. defines salt as a “compound for seasoning food… a preservative.”  My favorite definition given is  “an element that gives liveliness.”  I think these definitions should certainly also describe Christians.  We are to permanently change the flavor of our surroundings by adding life.  When salt is added to something, especially if it is too much, it definitely changes the flavor, and that saltiness can never be removed.  As followers of Christ, we are to permanently impact the lives of others with the Gospel.  Let’s be remembered as people who give “liveliness” by sharing the Good News of Jesus.  Be the stuff that makes the world taste!


One Response to “Salt of the Earth”

  1. bradferguson Says:

    Very funny. I love it!

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