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No Short-Order Cook Here! May 30, 2009

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:33 pm

There are lots of vows about child rearing that I made before I had children.  Then….I had children of my own!  I must confess I have compromised on some of those vows, like allowing a 2 year old to continue using a pacifier, like never having a child make a scene in public, and like counting to three when I’m asking a child to do something.

One vow I have kept is that I do not cook separate meals for my children if I happen to be making something they are not particularly fond of.  I  am not a short order cook!  My kids cannot always have it their way.  I think catering to a child’s likes all the time tends to make him selfish and expectant of that treatment in all areas of life.  Typically, I plan our meals and take nobody’s likes and dislikes into consideration, (except for mine!).May 2009 040 However, I will fix their requested meal on their birthday and occasionally I ask for their ideas for dinner.  What I put in front of my kids to eat, I expect them to eat.  If they don’t, they go to bed hungry.  We do eat a variety of foods and I expect my children to at least try everything on their plates.  I do not require that they finish everything.  However, if they want dessert, they do have to finish all of their dinner.  Dessert is a treat at our house because we do not have it often.  Dessert may be blueberries covered with vanilla yogurt and honey.  Sometimes it’s ice cream or homemade cookies.

As a result of this practice, I do not have very picky eaters.  Lindsay has learned to like tilapia and salmon, and Logan has learned to like spaghetti sauce (as long as it has hamburger in it).  They both love fruit, vegetables, and salads.  One thing Lindsay has not learned to enjoy yet is potatoes.  Every time we have potato salad, mashed potatoes, or scalloped potatoes, she gets some on her plate and has to try it.  I’m thinking one day she will come around!  I’m still working on them with avacados too!


2 Responses to “No Short-Order Cook Here!”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Our kids have declared avocados as THE singular worst plant food I could ever make them eat! 🙂 (ps, we try to have it at least once a week, so they’re sighing with relief on weeks Mom doesn’t serve it with our Mexi salads). I wholeheartedly agree with your commitment to oppose the short-ordering. Just another part of training them up in the way they should go!

  2. Karie Calhoun Says:

    Try mashing the avacados up with cottage cheese, dice fresh tomotoes on top. It is like a guac and is really yummy!

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