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Happy Birthday, Logan! May 31, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:00 pm

Mama and LoganToday is my first born son’s seventh birthday!  Logan is an energetic, passionate, smart, and loving little boy!  He got a new bright red bicycle for his birthday, and he is so cute riding it with his bright blue helmet!  I can hardly believe he is old enough to read, ride a bike, and swim!  It seems like he was just born!

His birth happened three months after the death of my father.  It was a very emotional time, with my mother and husband at my side, as I brought a new life into this world and said goodbye to the life of my father, who would never meet his first grandson this side of Heaven.  Before my father died, he told me one day on the phone, with great excitement, that he had had a dream and that my baby was a boy.  I clung to that and was not surprised at all when my husband declared at 2:41am on May 31, 2002, “It’s a boy!”

I have lamented over the years all the times my father has missed and all that my children have missed not knowing him.  My father was a wizard at everything he did.  He could fix anything that was broken and knew everything about plumbing, electricity, carpentry, building, gardening, boating, and cars.  I so wish Logan could spend time going around the yard working with my dad.  I wish they could have gone fishing and crawled under a car together.  When I get sad, though, I think about my Dad in Heaven, and I know that he is happy, and that really, I am the one who is missing out!  Heaven is a glorious, more beautiful place than we can imagine.  I’m thankful I will have a place there one day, hopefully nextdoor to my Dad.

Thank you, God, for my earthly father and the years I knew him.  Thank you God for my son, Logan, and for Your Son, Jesus!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Logan!”

  1. Karie Garner Says:

    That’s beautiful Michelle!

  2. Lynn Brown Says:

    I loved what you wrote about Dad. I remember after Dad died wanting to tell him everything that has happened on earth concerning our family…until it got too overwhelming for me. I just told Jesus He’d have to catch him up!

  3. Karie Calhoun Says:

    I miss him too and I often think how much he has missed too. Dad would have loved his grandchildren. I think Boo & Mad would have adored him. It is not fair and I don’t like it one bit. But I have to trust that God knows best.

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