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Smoothie and a Movie June 4, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 12:53 am

Today, I took my three children to the water park.  Now, that’s a lot of work when doing it single-handedly!  Three to one!  It’s mentally challenging and physically engaging.  At one point, I told my older two children they had to stay together in the wave pool because I only had two eyes, one to watch them and one to watch Luke!

Lindsay, Logan, Luke (and I)  had a blast!  We swam in the pool and played in fountains of water.  We jumped over waves, zoomed down slides, splashed each other, and laughed a lot.  Lindsay and Logan even carried inner tubes up a tall flight of steps to ride down a twisty tube…four times!

When we spend days like this at the park, we love to go home and shower, put Luke down for a much needed nap, and make fruit smoothies.  The fun doesn’t end when we leave the park.  We go home for a smoothie and a movie.  The kids pick a movie to watch and enjoy their cool drink!

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I am so thankful I could spend the day playing with my children and having summer fun!  We are building memories together!  In fact, I can still feel those waves right now!


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