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Pudding, Pecans, and a Plant June 23, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:35 pm

I was planning my menu and making a grocery list.  Brad and I were having a couple over for dinner.  We enjoy entertaining, and our children get really excited whenever we have friends over.  I only have one child this week (my two-year old) because my older two children are spending the week with friends out of town, so you would think my life would be easier this week.  Ha!

My oldest son started with pink eye Sunday night at dinner when we met our out of town friends who would take he and his sister home for the week.  After buying an OTC homeopathic pink eye reliever, we decided to send Logan on home with our friends.  I would simply call our pediatrician’s office Monday morning and get a prescription called in for him to a local pharmacy.  Well, as soon as the pediatrician’s office opened at 9:00am, I called and left a message for a nurse to call me back.  It took about 45 minutes for a return call, which I totally understood with it being a busy Monday morning for them.  The weekends (the “off hours”) seem to produce lots of medical issues…why is that?  Anyway, the nurse could not have been any sweeter, and she said she’d call in the prescription right away.  I gave her a few minutes and then called the pharmacy, and they did not have the order yet.  So I waited, called back, and they had received the order but could not understand the name of the drug on the answering machine, so they put in a call back in to the pediatrician’s office.  I called the pharmacy back around 11:30, and they had received what they needed and the prescription would be ready in TWO hours!  I was not very happy, but decided I would try and practice patience, that fruit of the spirit my husband has been preaching on.  I called my friend and told her when she could pick up the prescription, and finally at 1:00 pm, my Logan got his first dose of eye drops, four hours after my initial call for help!

I did manage a grocery run in between the pharmacy phone calls.  I got everything on my list and headed home for lunch.  As Luke napped, I worked on dinner.  While I assembled my Creamy Baked Chicken casserole, I was also making my salad dressing and toasting  pecans for the Strawberry Spinach Salad.  That’s when I noticed the burning smell.  I ran to the stove and saw my pecans were blackened.  Had it been fish, blackened would have been okay, but not the nuts!  I put the frying pan aside and moved on to the Peaches ‘N Cream Cheesecake and that’s when I noticed, in my rush and distraction with calls to the pharmacy, I had picked up a box of “cook and serve” pudding and not instant!

At that point, I knew another grocery run was in the making.  When Luke got up from his nap, I handed him a snack and we loaded up in the car and headed back out.  On the way, I remembered that I had been needing to buy a new flowering plant to put in my bunny planter on the front porch.  I pulled out my dead pansies a few weeks ago and had not yet replaced them.  I am a person who has to make lists for everything.  I keep a continuously running grocery list on the side of my refrigerator.  I had no time to write down what I needed for this trip, so I reviewed in my head what I had to get.  “Pudding, pecans, and a plant.”  All the “P’s” made for easy memory!  I quickly darted around the store getting my “P’s” and headed home again.

Dinner came together beautifully and dessert was delicious.  We enjoyed an amazing night in Christian fellowship.  My new friend even asked for my recipes.  I need to make sure I emphasize the “instant” pudding part and advise her to buy extra pecans….just in case!


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