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Praying For My Children, Part 1 of 4 August 2, 2009

Filed under: Parenting with Purpose — Michelle Ferguson @ 9:42 pm

Before I had children, I got my hands on a list simply called “Prayers for our Children.”  I keep it folded in the front of my Bible and use it as a guide when praying for my children, Lindsay, Logan, and Luke.  God wants moms to talk to Him about our children.  He loves our children more than we are even capable of grasping, and He wants to pour out His blessings on them and on us as we pray.

Over a series of posts, I will share these prayer points.  I wish I could give credit to the one who put the list together, but I do not have that information.  Each point  includes a Bible verse reference.  Take time to look up the verse and pray the Scripture with your children’s names.

*That they will come to know and accept Christ as Savior early in their lives (Psalm 63:1)

*That nothing will hinder them from accepting Christ as their Savior (Matthew 18:6, Matthew 19:14)

*That they will learn to know their God as the true and living God and will have a strong desire to do His will for their lives (Psalm 119:27,30,34-35)

*That as they hear Bible stories, a genuine love for God and His word will become so much a part of their lives that it will be the basis for all their decision making (Psalm 71:17, Ecclesiastes 12:1, II Timothy 3:15)

*That they will develop a keen sense of right and wrong, having a hatred for sin and evil, and clinging to what is good (Psalm 97:10, Psalm 51:10, 139:23-24, Romans 12:9)

We have lots to pray for concerning our children!  Let’s get busy!


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