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A Season of Change August 9, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:26 pm

Logan, Luke, and LindsayIt is a season of change in the Ferguson household!  School starts tomorrow morning, and I am so excited!  We will be studying Creation to the Greeks this year, and I love learning alongside my children.

Part of our change includes a new schedule and a new way of starting our day.  Last weekend, we bought a bright pink alarm clock for Lindsay and a black alarm clock for Logan.  They were so excited about their new clocks and the responsiblity that comes along with them.  (I hope the excitement lasts past the first day of school!)  This year we are having Lindsay and Logan set their own alarm clocks for 7:00am.  They will make their beds, dress, complete their assigned morning chore, and come downstairs for breakfast.  Cereal, oatmeal, poptarts (organic!), yogurt, and fruit will be set out for their choosing and fixing.  After dishes are cleaned up and teeth are brushed, they are to meet me in the school room at 8:00am.  I made clear that if they are late to school, they will go to bed 30 minutes early.  They then asked what would happen if I were late.  I replied, “Then I’ll go to bed 30 minutes early.”  They laughed, but I kind of liked the thought of going to bed earlier!!

In all of this, we are teaching our children RESPONSIBILITY!  Getting up by themselves, fixing their own breakfast, and getting somewhere on time are essential life skills.  I want them to learn these skills and learn them well!  Change is not always easy, but change can be good!  Here’s looking forward to a new school year and a season of change!


One Response to “A Season of Change”

  1. Karie Garner Says:

    I love this! Good luck with it…and good luck with school this year. It sounds like fun. You’re a great mom!

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