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Show Off! August 28, 2009

Filed under: Tips and Tidbits — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:24 pm

I have found that displaying my children’s artwork is something they really love!  They are so pleased to see that I love their masterpiece enough to find a prominent place for it.  Their artwork gets clipped or taped to our refrigerator, bedroom walls, the side of Luke’s make-shift dresser, even the hallway occasionally dorns the color of fall leaves, butterflies, and rainbows!

To make room for new masterpieces, I have kept some special pieces (Luke’s coloring of our family, notes Logan has scribbled and called “Prayer Requests,” and Lindsay’s finally-mastered princess picture.)   Sometimes I have folded and mailed pieces to the grandparents so they, too, can enjoy the creativity of their grandchildren.

August2009 081August2009 082August2009 080Three-year-old Luke especially lights up when he sees something of his on display.  He will proudly say, “I made that!”  My children feel special when I place their artwork around the house, and that’s exactly what I want them to feel.  So go ahead, show off that artwork!