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Red Light, Green Light September 22, 2009

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Last week, the kids and I were running late for our Classical Conversations group.  As I pulled up to a red light (of course it was red…I was running late!), two of my children in the back seat started fighting with each other.  They were physically grabbing papers from each other and pushing.  In stressed-out mode, I turned to handle the matter when I noticed the guy in the van next to me laughing his head off!  He had observed the scuffle and could obviously relate!  His laughter was contagious because I found myself laughing too!

I said to my beloved children, “Look at that man laughing at you.  How does that make you feel knowing someone is watching you fight?”  Well, they both became silent and then got mad that the man was laughing at them.  One replied, “That’s mean.  He shouldn’t be laughing at us.”  They were happy when the light turned green, and I was happy because they had stopped their feuding before I had a chance to break them up.

Now I drew several lessons out of this that I shared with my kids.  Lesson number 1:  Jesus does not want you to fight, no matter where you are.  Lesson number 2:  Humor can diffuse the stress and tension in most situations.  Lesson number 3:  Someone is ALWAYS watching!


Time Out September 13, 2009

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Some parents put their misbehaving children in Time Out to separate them from the situation and to give them time alone to reflect on what they have done and maybe to give mom time to cool off!  I have occasionally used Time Out, but mainly for my benefit in buying time to decide what in the world to do with my disobedient child!

Time Out is also a good practice for moms!  By that I mean, moms need time with their girlfriends!  We are busy making play dates for our children, but often we get caught up in the busyness of life that we neglect our friendships.  We need to be intensional about forming and nurturing our friendships so that when our children leave the nest, we have friends to do things with!  Like Time Out for a child, Time Out for a mom serves to refocus and rejuvenate.

I had lunch recently with three girlfriends.  We met in a MOPS group two years ago, but have still kept in touch.  We had a two hour lunch!  Now when was the last time that happened?  Usually, I’m cramming a sandwich down my throat or inhaling a salad in between demands for drink refills and endless requests for more of this or more of that!   Not to mention a kitchen that needs to be tidied up after the lunch rush!

My  Girlfriend Lunch was relaxing and enjoyable!  I was even able to eat my entire toasted sandwich before it got cold!  It was wonderful to chat about our struggles, our victories, and yes, our children!  Those two hours proved to be a time of refreshing fellowship that invigorated me for the tasks that lay ahead of me at home.

Time Out for moms is important, and you must make an intensional effort to fit this into your schedule.  Make sure to schedule your Time Out soon!


“Dear Jesus, I love you…” September 10, 2009

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I love encouraging my children to pray, and I love even more listening to what comes out of their mouths when they are talking to God.  Sometimes, we as adults think our words have to be big and fancy or we need to be long-winded to make our petitions clear, or if we are praying in front of others, we must pray to impress with our “spirituality.”  However, this is not the case at all.  God wants us to talk to Him just like we talk to our best friend, simply and humbly.

That’s why I love hearing my children’s prayers.  They are simple, honest, and real!  They don’t practice their prayers or write them down so they get them “right.”  They simply come to the Father in their childlike faith that He hears them and will answer them.

We have a friend we pray for almost every night who is paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a horrible accident.  One night, Logan prayed for him and simply stated, “God please make him feel better.”  That was Logan’s way of expressing his heart to the Lord, very simply.

Another night, our two year old wanted to pray.  When it was his turn, he sweetly said, “Dear Jesus, I love you, and…”  It was the simplest and most precious prayer I had heard in a long time.  Luke expressed his heart simply, and God knows exactly.

It doesn’t take big words or complicated sentence structures to communicate with the God who made the heavens and the earth.  He wants us to come to Him simply, with childlike faith and rest in Him for the answers to our prayers.


The Best Daddy in the World September 6, 2009

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As I write this post, my husband has taken our children to the pool (probably for the last time this season).  I love him so much!!  Lindsay, Logan, and Luke love to swim and play in the water.  They enjoy their Daddy taking them because he whirls them around and throws them into the water.   (I don’t do that because I don’t ever want to get my hair wet!).  It’s a great time for them to be together and for me to have a little break!

I love my children, but sometimes a little break can be so refreshing and can rejuvenate me to better love them!  All moms need a break!  I am so thankful to have a husband who gives that to me!


Interruptions September 2, 2009

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Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of a job?  If you are a mom, that is a pretty silly question!  With three children in our home,  I am always being interrupted.  Rarely do I see a job to completion in one sitting.  In fact, it’s really pretty amazing that any job around the house gets done with all the interruptions.  Because by the time I can get back to what I was doing, I have forgotten what I was doing.  So I move on to something else.  Been there?

Just this afternoon, my dear children were playing outside on this beautiful day and, thinking I had a few minutes of peace, I sat down to balance my check book.  All of a sudden, I heard the back door open and Logan shout, “Mom, Lindsay’s wart fell off on the trampoline and it’s bleeding!”  I’m thinking to myself, “Can it wait?  I’m almost done here.”  Lindsay limped in and sat beside me, patiently waiting for a Band-aid.  I left my numbers to administer First-Aid, and then Luke woke up from his nap.  (Maybe Logan’s shouting announcement had something to do with that.)  Seeing Lindsay get a Band-aid reminded Luke that he “needed” a Band-aid too on his week-old scratch.  After a second Band-aid was administered, everyone was thirsty and then they wanted to play with the Moon Sand outside.  Now that they are being entertained outside, I should really get back to that check book (after I finish this blog)!

Interruptions are a part of mom’s lives.  I’ve learned that they can be precious times of ministering to and serving our children (or whomever it is) who happen to need us no matter what we are in the midst of doing.  Consider interruptions God’s divine appointments to give and receive love.  After Luke got his Band-aid he said, “I love you, mommy!”  Aww…the check book can wait!


“Say Yes!” September 1, 2009

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Yesterday, my three year old Luke was sitting in his high chair finishing his lunch.  As I prepared my lunch and cleaned up a few things in the kitchen, he started talking to me.  He was done with lunch and wanted to move on to paint, which I had told him he could do after lunch.  However, I did want to eat my salad first!

After several minutes of chattering, he very clearly stated, “Mommy, you say ‘no’ too much, can you say, ‘yes?'”  That stopped me in my tracks and I just burst out in laughter!  I guess I could phrase my answers more positively.  I wonder how “Yes, you cannot have that right now”  or “Yes, you cannot do that” would go over!!