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“Say Yes!” September 1, 2009

Filed under: Out of the Mouth of Babes — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:45 am

Yesterday, my three year old Luke was sitting in his high chair finishing his lunch.  As I prepared my lunch and cleaned up a few things in the kitchen, he started talking to me.  He was done with lunch and wanted to move on to paint, which I had told him he could do after lunch.  However, I did want to eat my salad first!

After several minutes of chattering, he very clearly stated, “Mommy, you say ‘no’ too much, can you say, ‘yes?'”  That stopped me in my tracks and I just burst out in laughter!  I guess I could phrase my answers more positively.  I wonder how “Yes, you cannot have that right now”  or “Yes, you cannot do that” would go over!!


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