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Interruptions September 2, 2009

Filed under: Parenting with Purpose — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:06 pm

Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of a job?  If you are a mom, that is a pretty silly question!  With three children in our home,  I am always being interrupted.  Rarely do I see a job to completion in one sitting.  In fact, it’s really pretty amazing that any job around the house gets done with all the interruptions.  Because by the time I can get back to what I was doing, I have forgotten what I was doing.  So I move on to something else.  Been there?

Just this afternoon, my dear children were playing outside on this beautiful day and, thinking I had a few minutes of peace, I sat down to balance my check book.  All of a sudden, I heard the back door open and Logan shout, “Mom, Lindsay’s wart fell off on the trampoline and it’s bleeding!”  I’m thinking to myself, “Can it wait?  I’m almost done here.”  Lindsay limped in and sat beside me, patiently waiting for a Band-aid.  I left my numbers to administer First-Aid, and then Luke woke up from his nap.  (Maybe Logan’s shouting announcement had something to do with that.)  Seeing Lindsay get a Band-aid reminded Luke that he “needed” a Band-aid too on his week-old scratch.  After a second Band-aid was administered, everyone was thirsty and then they wanted to play with the Moon Sand outside.  Now that they are being entertained outside, I should really get back to that check book (after I finish this blog)!

Interruptions are a part of mom’s lives.  I’ve learned that they can be precious times of ministering to and serving our children (or whomever it is) who happen to need us no matter what we are in the midst of doing.  Consider interruptions God’s divine appointments to give and receive love.  After Luke got his Band-aid he said, “I love you, mommy!”  Aww…the check book can wait!


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