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Time Out September 13, 2009

Filed under: Parenting with Purpose — Michelle Ferguson @ 11:57 pm

Some parents put their misbehaving children in Time Out to separate them from the situation and to give them time alone to reflect on what they have done and maybe to give mom time to cool off!  I have occasionally used Time Out, but mainly for my benefit in buying time to decide what in the world to do with my disobedient child!

Time Out is also a good practice for moms!  By that I mean, moms need time with their girlfriends!  We are busy making play dates for our children, but often we get caught up in the busyness of life that we neglect our friendships.  We need to be intensional about forming and nurturing our friendships so that when our children leave the nest, we have friends to do things with!  Like Time Out for a child, Time Out for a mom serves to refocus and rejuvenate.

I had lunch recently with three girlfriends.  We met in a MOPS group two years ago, but have still kept in touch.  We had a two hour lunch!  Now when was the last time that happened?  Usually, I’m cramming a sandwich down my throat or inhaling a salad in between demands for drink refills and endless requests for more of this or more of that!   Not to mention a kitchen that needs to be tidied up after the lunch rush!

My  Girlfriend Lunch was relaxing and enjoyable!  I was even able to eat my entire toasted sandwich before it got cold!  It was wonderful to chat about our struggles, our victories, and yes, our children!  Those two hours proved to be a time of refreshing fellowship that invigorated me for the tasks that lay ahead of me at home.

Time Out for moms is important, and you must make an intensional effort to fit this into your schedule.  Make sure to schedule your Time Out soon!


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