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Red Light, Green Light September 22, 2009

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 11:34 pm

Last week, the kids and I were running late for our Classical Conversations group.  As I pulled up to a red light (of course it was red…I was running late!), two of my children in the back seat started fighting with each other.  They were physically grabbing papers from each other and pushing.  In stressed-out mode, I turned to handle the matter when I noticed the guy in the van next to me laughing his head off!  He had observed the scuffle and could obviously relate!  His laughter was contagious because I found myself laughing too!

I said to my beloved children, “Look at that man laughing at you.  How does that make you feel knowing someone is watching you fight?”  Well, they both became silent and then got mad that the man was laughing at them.  One replied, “That’s mean.  He shouldn’t be laughing at us.”  They were happy when the light turned green, and I was happy because they had stopped their feuding before I had a chance to break them up.

Now I drew several lessons out of this that I shared with my kids.  Lesson number 1:  Jesus does not want you to fight, no matter where you are.  Lesson number 2:  Humor can diffuse the stress and tension in most situations.  Lesson number 3:  Someone is ALWAYS watching!


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