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Clearance October 4, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 1:52 pm

I love the clearance rack at Belk!  I was at the mall last week without my children, and I just happened to make my way through Belk!  I spotted the clearance rack, and decided to check out the bargains.

Then it happened.  I found the most gorgeous skirt in my size!  It had a white band across the top, a band of black under that, and then the bottom was khaki.  I could not believe my find!  My size!  My colors!  Why was this thing still on the clearance rack?

I found the closest fitting room and tried that skirt on.  As I pulled it up, I had trouble zipping it around my hips.  It was tight, so I double checked the size.  It was my size, so I tried again to zip up.  It was then that I noticed a significant gap at the top of the skirt and wondered what that was about.  I pulled the skirt up to adjust it and then it suddenly became clear.  This was no skirt!  It was a strapless dress!  I was so disappointed…that was not my style at all.  Now I knew why that “skirt” was still on the clearance rack…and that’s where it went back!


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