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A Week in the Life of the Ferguson’s October 21, 2009

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I feel like I am a single parent this week.  My husband is on a mission trip to Honduras.  I was planning to go with him (even had my plane ticket purchased), however when my youngest son got sick last month, God showed me that my place is home with my children.  There will be a season in my life where I will be readily able to travel, but right now my children need me, and I want to be here for them.

It’s been a busy week.  Brad left last Friday, so the kids and I headed to the Zoo for the day.  Aunt Betty and Uncle Gene met us there, and I was so glad because keeping up with three little ones at the Zoo was easier when we had a one adult to one child ratio!  Lindsay’s favorite thing was watching the penguin feeding.  Logan liked the reptile house (complete with an anaconda) and climbing the rock wall.  Luke liked lunch the best!

Friday night Lindsay had a soccer game, and her team won their first game!  Whoo Hoo!  Her brothers and I looked on with pride!  We stopped at Jersey Mike’s for dinner.  It’s just too easy not to cook when Brad is away!

Saturday was filled with shopping trips.  I bought groceries and even managed to buy a couple of Christmas gifts!  When we found out Logan’s soccer game was cancelled due to rain and muddy fields, we headed out for another shopping adventure.  I was looking for a new pair of jeans.  Let me tell you how much fun I had in the dressing room trying on jeans with three children!  Oh, how they got a talking to in the car!

Sunday was busy with church.  The kids had RA’s, GA’s, Mission Friends, and Choir.  It was Luke’s first night of Precious Praise, his preschool choir.  There is nothing cuter than a room full of 3 and 4 year olds singing Christmas songs!  I am trying my hands at ringing hand bells with our bell choir this year.  I told our Worship Leader that I should have started practicing our Christmas songs in May!  Logan asked me how practice went that night.  I said, “I was awful!  I don’t know if I’ll be asked back.”  He replied, “You are not awful.”  My little encourager!  One of the pieces of music we practiced noted to play “With Mystery.”  I said, “This will definitely be mysterious because some notes will be there and some won’t!”

On Monday, we went into Charlotte to Trader Joe’s.  I just love shopping there because their prices are great and their foods are even better!  I also went into Home Goods with the intention of buying clothes, but I came out with a “mug and a rug” as Lindsay put it.  I added to my Portmeirion mug collection and found a rug for my front door area.  Well, sometimes you end up with what you weren’t shopping for at all!  Then I whisked Lindsay off to her piano lesson.

Tuesday is our Classical Conversations day.  It’s a home school group that meets once a week for memory work.  The kids memorize a history time line, geography, Latin, math skip counting, and lots more.  During class, they also have a time of presentations, where each child stands in front of his peers and shares on a topic of his choosing.  My kids have shared on everything from missionary heroes, the Dead Sea (complete with a salt rock from the Dead Sea), and a sugar cube pyramid to a rock tumbler, writing their own names in hieroglyphics, and the country of Kenya.  We ended Tuesday with two soccer games played at the same time.  Lindsay and Logan won both of their games!

My daughter Lindsay had a play date Wednesday with a fellow homeschool friend and they made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Lindsay also had a drama rehearsal for our church’s Christmas play, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever.

Thursday I plan to get my hair and our grass cut!  That is one chore Brad left for me to handle.  He tried to cut the grass before he left, but the weather would not cooperate.  The children and I have another homeschool group that meets twice a month called “Fun Friday.”  It’s a co-op of moms who teach age based classes on fun topics, like science and geography.  The kids enjoy this time with new friends.

Lindsay is having a little girlfriend come spend this weekend with us, and she is so excited!  Lindsay will wrap up the week with her final soccer game Friday night complete with a team party.  Logan will play his soccer game on Saturday.  In between those games, around midnight Friday, Brad’s  plane arrives from Miami!  I will be so happy to see him.  It’s been an exhausting week!  To God be the glory!


One Response to “A Week in the Life of the Ferguson’s”

  1. Betty Says:

    You make me tired!! I think you need a nanny!! Really – you do a great job of being a Super Mom!!

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