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The Gift of Luke October 28, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 12:13 am

I have to confess that when it comes to my youngest son, I am weak!  There is just something about his three-year-old smile and tender blue eyes that make me melt.  He is the icing on the cake that completed our family!  God knew we needed this precious little boy to make us laugh at life and to help us see life in a fun, care-free kind of way!

Luke has a wonderful personality.  He laughs all the time, and sometimes I just have to stop and laugh with him.  He makes me “stop and smell the roses,” and I love that about him.  He finds joy in the small things, and his excitement is contagious.  He is funny and too smart for his own good!

Besides, he thinks I’m cool!  In the car this morning on the way to Classical Conversations, he said, “My mom rocks.  My mom is cool.  My mom is a rock star.”  I’ve never practiced those phrases with him, honest!  He just came out with them and giggled himself to pieces over his words.  October 2009 080

I am quite smitten with this little boy, however I do not live in a continuous state of smittenness (is that a word?).  He is just as sinful as any of us, and I have to do some occasional “training.”  He is a joy for sure, and I thank God for sending the gift of Luke into our family!


One Response to “The Gift of Luke”

  1. Betty Says:

    He is SO SPECIAL – as are all 3 of your children. It was so special to Gene that Luke seemed to “latch onto” him at the Zoo.

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