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Shopping with Elves December 2, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:31 pm

On Monday, my children and I rode the light rail into uptown Charlotte for a day of fun.  We met two of my friends and the mother of one of my friends and their children at Imaginon Children’s Library.

We took the children upstairs so they could do their own Christmas shopping with elves.  For each of my children, I filled out a short form indicating their total budget and the names and ages of who they were buying gifts for.  All this information was to help their elf help the children stay within budget and to make sure they bought gifts for everyone on their list.  All the gifts ranged in price from .25 cents to $5.  Each child was taken through a maze of tables labeled “Women,” “Men,”  “Boys,” “Girls,” and “Pets.”  Each gift was wrapped and tagged for them.  It was very well organized!

When shopping was complete, I simply paid the cashier for each of my children and all stayed within their assigned budgets!  They all had a wonderful time, and they are SO excited about their gifts.  It’s fun that they each have secrets from each other and even from Mom and Dad!  They are already talking about going again next year.  They also wish Christmas was tomorrow!

After shopping, we visited with Santa.  Luke just walked right up to Santa and told him he wanted a water gun.  Logan asked for a nerf gun.  What is it about my boys and guns?  Sweet Lindsay asked for a bracelet!

Next, we walked to a nearby restaurant and got a table for fourteen!  Our group included ten children and four adults!  We paraded through the restaurant to a back table in an alcove next to a window where the kids could watch the cooks make pizzas.  My children love to eat with their friends!

It was a delightful day, and I’m thankful I could spend it with my kids!


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