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Pumpkin Seeds and Apple Sauce December 17, 2009

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 5:40 pm

Now that we are taking a three week break from school (yahoo!), I’ve been busy this morning around the house.  My first goal was to cut open our fall pumpkins, remove the seeds, and toast them.  Even in December, this treat was delicious!  Mission accomplished…now I don’t have to vacuum around the pumpkins any more where they sat for a couple of weeks on my kitchen floor!

My second goal was to catch up the laundry…is this even attainable?  I’m working on my third load right now and after that, every stitch of clothing in this house will be clean…until tonight when pajamas go on!  Then the baskets will fill up again.

I managed to even vacuum the downstairs, move stuff on the stairs upstairs to its place, put a piece of ribbon on an ornament to hang on the tree, keep a friend’s little boy, dust, and discipline a child (mine, not my friend’s!).  After fixing lunch for four and snacking on pumpkin seeds all morning, I decided to complete my lunch with applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon and warmed for 15 seconds (it’s like apple pie without the crust!).  So that was my lunch…pumpkin seeds and applesauce!  It  was simple and delicious and most importantly, quick…for a mom on the move today!


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