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“I love Jesus, I love Jesus” December 28, 2009

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:45 pm

My three year old Luke just went through another phase.  It seems children’s lives are a series of phases strung together which make up their childhood!  As soon as they leave one phase, they enter another.

One day as I went to discipline my Luke, he urgently and passionately repeated, “I love Jesus, I love Jesus.”  He was sweetly smiling and just adorable!  I guess he figured Jesus would save him from this pending discipline, and I admit it was a weak moment for me.  He did not get what it was he deserved for whatever it was that he did!  I did laugh and share with my family how cute he was!

Then it happened again!  And again and again, but I was strong.  I was not going to let him get away with his disobedience, no matter how adorable he is or how adorable his words are!  I guess he’s learned this tactic no longer works because he doesn’t say it any more, so I’m wondering what the next phase will be!


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