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Sometimes You’ve Gotta Be Specific December 30, 2009

Filed under: Laughter and Lessons — Michelle Ferguson @ 2:49 pm

As my daughter approaches the age of ten, I am learning that as she shows responsibility and maturity in certain areas, she is becoming capable of more freedom.

The big bowl in our pantry is full of Christmas candy right now.  The big bowl is where the children go to pick out their dessert when we have candy.  The other day Lindsay asked me if she could have some candy and how much.  I told her she could have as much as she feels comfortable having.  She looked at me kind of funny, expecting and wanting me to set a limit.  I replied, “You will know what is enough.”  After three chocolate mint kisses, she decided that was enough, and I was proud.  She is beginning to govern herself in this small area!

Now, my seven year old son, on the other hand, is not quite ready for this kind of freedom.  Yesterday Logan asked if he could have some m&m’s.  I told him he could, “but do not eat them all.”  He agreed.  Later I laughed out loud when I found his small bag of m&m’s back in the pantry with all but two m&m’s gone!  Although he did obey my instructions by not eating them all, I learned that sometimes you’ve gotta be specific!


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