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Stop and Smell the Weeds January 16, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:25 pm

As I sat reading this morning, my three-year old came in from play and found me.  He walked over to me with a surprise behind his back and then his chubby little hand revealed a yellow dandelion he had picked for me.  His first words were, “Do you like it?”

He totally melted my heart!  For my little boy to think about me while he is outside playing with his brother and sister and then to stop and come find me and bring me his treasure, I was so touched.  He was so proud of his offering, and I couldn’t help but hug and kiss him.

Even though his flower was a weed, I saw it and smelled it like it was a rose!  My tender-hearted little boy turned a weed into a rose in my eyes.  I love that weed not because of what it is in itself but because of the love for me that came with it!  “Yes, Luke, I like it!”


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