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Roller Skating Lessons February 9, 2010

Filed under: Laughter and Lessons — Michelle Ferguson @ 9:49 pm

Yesterday I took all three of my children roller skating.  It was a brave effort on my part to be the sole one responsible for three kids (and myself!) on moving wheels!

Lindsay and Logan had been to the skating rink before, but this was three-year-old Luke’s first experience.  He was very excited and talked about how he already knew how to roller skate.  His story changed mighty quickly when he had those skates laced up and stood upright!  It was only a moment before he landed on the floor with a puzzled look on his face.  He had to be thinking “this is not quite as easy as I thought.”

As Lindsay and Logan skated circles around us, Luke and I dared to hit the floor.  Luke danced around and became quite frustrated until it climaxed into a crying fit.  When he screamed his ear piercing dissatisfaction, I lifted him over the short wall and made him sit on the bench to calm down.  I skated around the rink a couple of times to cool down myself!  After Luke composed himself and saw everyone skating and some falling down, he decided he wanted to try again.  I skated behind him holding both of his hands, and we made it from one end of the carpet to the other end where he wanted to get off the skating floor.  He crawled back to the bench to wait for his confidence to grow again.  I skated around with Logan a couple of times and then sat with Luke.  Finally Luke  decided he was ready to go again, and this time he made it all the way around the rink holding my hands.  I was so proud of him!

This event made me think of myself in the experience of life.  I like to play it safe and sit on the bench.  Trying something new does not come easy to me…I guess that’s why God gave me my adventurous husband!  Sometimes, though, God calls us to step outside our comfort zone.  If we stay within the safety of the bench, we cannot experience God’s fullness for us.  He is the One who gives us the confidence, courage, and cover for what He wants us to do for Him.  Our faith will be stretched and our trust in Him will grow.  There is no better place to be than in the center of His will.

Just as Luke gained boldness on roller skates holding my hands, take that step out of your comfort zone, and God’s hand will meet yours.  Luke told me last night, “I want to do that again.”  Hopefully, that will be what we say when we step out for God!


One Response to “Roller Skating Lessons”

  1. Rachel Olsen Says:

    Awww. I LOVE to rollerskate! Your kids will fondly remember having a mom that plays with them.

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