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A Snowy Morning February 13, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:25 pm

We woke up this morning to nearly 4 inches of powdery snow!  Now that’s a big deal in South Carolina!  My husband has a standing breakfast date each Saturday with one of our three children.  This morning was Logan’s turn to go to breakfast with his Daddy, and they were determined not to let the snowy roads stop them!  Besides, Logan had written a special letter to his Daddy that he was saving to give him at breakfast.  As I fixed sour dough french toast for Lindsay, Luke, and myself, Brad and Logan piled on the snow gear and headed out to Chick-fil-A, our all time favorite eats spot!

I was able to get outside before my children trampled the snow to take pictures of our yard with my new camera.  Pictures to come later.  Our yard looked like a winter wonderland.  Fences, tree limbs, benches, bird feeders, and bushes were all covered in white frosting.  I spied bird tracks  around the ground under our feeder.  I found an icicle forming out of our gutter’s downspout.  Our indoor cat even felt adventurous enough to go outside for a few minutes.  She crept through the snow and shook off each leg as she lifted it out of the snow!

After breakfast, Lindsay and Luke bundled up and ventured out into the snow.  They quickly discovered that this was not sledding-kind-of-snow!  Just as quickly, they figured out that this powdery snow was great for snowball fights and building snowmen!

When Brad and Logan returned home, the whole family set out to make a big snowman.  Anything my husband does is big, but this snowman beats ’em all!  He and the kids struggled to push that first gigantic snowball into place, then another on top of that, and then lifting the head into place!  Lindsay found prickly gumballs for eyes and buttons.  We added a scarf, a carrot nose, twig arms, and a play dough mold for a mouth (sometimes you just have to use whatever is handy)!  I also cut out a heart and pinned to his  chest in honor of Valentine’s Day!

This evening we will celebrate Valentine’s Day by making our traditional chocolate dipped strawberries!  The kids love this treat!  It’s been a wonderful Valentine’s weekend, and I’m so thankful it started out as a beautiful, snowy morning!


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