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Olympic Dreams February 20, 2010

Filed under: 1 — Michelle Ferguson @ 3:25 pm

I have enjoyed watching some of the Olympic winter games this week.  My 9- and 7- year old children have also enjoyed watching with us.  I admire those athletes who spend years in training, while putting the rest of their lives on hold.  Great physical training and mental training go into preparation for the biggest games in the world.

As I watched the women’s and men’s alpine skiing the last couple of nights, I literally sat on the edge of my sofa with sweaty palms.  They have to navigate quickly around turns, skiing incredibly fast, up to 70 mph!  On some highways, that’s more than the speed limit in a car!  This girl would never dream of getting on a pair of skis and trying to make is across a finish line, unless we’re talking the bunny hill!

Some of the athletes made it safely across the finish line still standing and one finished in a slide after he fell and knocked his skis off just before the finish line.  Still others never made it to the finish line because of a crash.  Oh how I want to run out onto the ice and snow at such times and give those fallen athletes a hug and say to them “It’s okay…I’m proud of you because you tried!.”  Somehow I think that would not be such a comforting line to those whose Olympic dreams have just been dashed!

I think it is an honor for those athletes to participate in the Olympics!  To be considered at the top of your sport to represent your country is awesome!  To me, they are all worthy of a gold medal!  Good thing I’m not a judge!


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