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A Humbling Visit March 7, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:03 pm

This weekend my family and I went to visit another family in our church who has just welcomed a new baby into their lives.  This is a very special family to us because they are from Africa, and they are missionaries.  Even though they live far from family, they consider our church as their close family!  We were loaded with gifts for the new baby and his big brother (all of 19 months old!).  We went expecting to stay a half hour or so and to be a blessing to them.

However, we were the ones who walked away, after a two hour visit, the most blessed!  This couple invited us to stay for fresh coffee and tea, which is very big in their culture.  Now when I say “fresh,” I mean the freshest you can get.  Brad and I thought fresh coffee meant grinding your own beans.  Well, they showed us how to roast raw coffee beans over the stove until the beans popped.  Then she removed the green beans that did not roast because they would make the coffee sour.  She ground the roasted beans and put the grinds into a special clay tribal coffee maker (similar looking to a tea pot) with cold water.  She warmed the coffee over the stove top.  The coffee was served into small coffee cups on a special coffee server stool.  It was wonderful!  They also made tea and spiced it with cinnamon bark and cloves and served it with milk and sugar.  We were also served a traditional snack of barley and peanuts.  After coffee and tea, we felt like family!

Their baby son is nearly two months old and weighs close to seven pounds.  This precious baby was born prematurely by about six weeks.  He is growing and gaining health and strength with every day.  I was privileged to hold him, so tiny and fragile.  He fell asleep on my shoulder and snored!  What a precious gift of life this baby is!  God is so good!

Before leaving, we prayed with them, and the husband prayed for us.  They have so little materially speaking, but they have it all in humility and contentment.  They have a joy about them that the world cannot take away because their faith and peace is in Jesus Christ.  We are blessed to call this family our friends, but more blessed because we see in them the humbleness and heart of Christ.


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