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Speak Up! March 8, 2010

Filed under: Tips and Tidbits — Michelle Ferguson @ 1:26 am

I am a big believer in standing up for what’s right.  My standard of right is the truths found in the Bible.  I am just one person, but I believe God can use me (or anyone) to encourage, confirm, and respectfully share an opinion.  I believe in contacting my congressmen and senators and sharing how I feel on an issue and asking them to take my thoughts into consideration.  I believe in encouraging those who are in leadership and have great influence over many people.

One Saturday in January, I was watching a popular morning news show who had an interview with Jim Daly, the president of Focus on the Family, and Jehmu Greene, president of the Women’s Media Center.  The topic of debate was the Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow, and the interview got ugly quickly!  I was so impressed with how Mr. Daly remained calm, cool, and collected.  The next day, I found Mr. Daly’s blog and sent him a note thanking him for his godly example, his strength under control, and for standing up for family values.  People in high places, especially Christians, are criticized, mocked, and judged unjustly, and God can use us to encourage them.

Recently, my husband and I were watching the Sean Hannity Show.  Sean made a comment to a guest on his Great American Panel that he is teaching his children to save sex for marriage.  He admitted he’s been called “nuts” for taking that stand by his critics who say that’s unrealistic in today’s world.  The next day, I found Sean’s website and e-mailed him a note telling him I did not think he was nuts!  I explained that my husband and I will be teaching our children the same thing.  I also encouraged him to tell his critics that, as Christians, we don’t look to the world for our standard of what’s right and wrong.  The Bible is our standard, and we are to be different!  I thanked him for making a stand on biblical principles.

Whoever the Lord lays on your heart to encourage, do so!  Your husband, your pastor, a neighbor, a boss, or your congressman or Senator.  Speak up…Your words may be just what they need to hear!


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