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“Goodnight Moon” April 23, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:07 pm

Last week, my children and I were unexpectedly blessed with four free tickets to see the Children’s Theater production of “Goodnight Moon.”  We met our Classical Conversations friends at the light rail station and rode into uptown for the play.  The production was fantastic!  The set was amazing and the action totally kept the kids’ attention.  My favorite part was when the picture of the “three little bears sitting on chairs” opened up, and three tap dancing bears walked out of the picture onto the bed and onto the floor with their chairs and danced away!  Such creativity!  We enjoyed lunch with our friends afterwards.

Not knowing that we would be seeing the play, earlier that week I pulled Margaret Wise Brown’s classic book “Goodnight Moon” off our bookshelf and read it to my three-year-old.  It has quickly become his favorite book.  He wants it read to him again and again.  In fact, he can finish my sentences as I turn the pages through the story!

Luke likes to find the mouse on all the colored pages.  Then on the last page, I like to quiz him with where things are.  For example, I’ll ask “Where is the red balloon?”  He quickly points to it, like it’s a race to find it.  “Goodnight Moon” is a simple story, yet so charming and entertaining!  It is a favorite of mine, too, and I shall keep it to read to my grandchildren one day.


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