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Don’t Miss the Wonder May 24, 2010

Filed under: Tips and Tidbits — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:33 pm

When I started out for my walk this morning, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I met a neighborhood friend who was also out walking.  We decided to change our usual routes and walk together.  She shared with me some things on her heart, and I listened.  As we turned onto one street, we both inhaled the sweet fragrance of gardenias.  They were so overwhelmingly powerful, they hit the senses immediately!  We both commented on how wonderful the flowers smelled.

Then I began to think about what wonders of God I miss daily because of busyness, lack of appreciation, or lack of time.  How sad to miss something beautiful, wonderful, and amazing that God made just for us!

When was the last time you watched an ant crawl?  (My three-year-old keeps me accountable to this one!)  They are pretty amazing creatures to watch.  God makes flowers in all different shapes, colors, and scents.  He produces a variety of foods, each with a unique taste.  He placed planet Earth in the perfect position in our universe.  Any closer to the Sun, and we would burn up and any further away, we would freeze.  When water evaporates from the oceans, the salt stays behind, so rain falls as fresh water!  God created birds with hollow bones which helps their lift in flight.

Sitting on my kitchen counter is a Ladybug Land, and my kids and I  have observed the life cycle of ladybugs over the past couple of weeks.  They hatch from eggs into a larvae stage when they look like pieces of black rice with legs.  I was amazed to discover that ladybugs have a pupae stage where they cling to the side of their house and sit dormant for about five days.  When they emerge from the exoskeleton, they are the familiar looking adult ladybugs.  (For fun, up-close nature observation kits and activities, check out

I believe the wonder of wonders is human life.  Since we are made in God’s image, we are set apart as extra special!  There is nothing like holding a newborn baby and feeling her breath of life on your cheek.  The human body is absolutely amazing in how God created it to work.

The Bible declares in Psalm 111:2-3 “The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.  His work is honorable and glorious.”  God’s creation will point you to His lovingkindness.  Praise Him!  Take time to notice God’s glory around you, and don’t miss the wonder!


One Response to “Don’t Miss the Wonder”

  1. Lynn Brown Says:

    I remember the first time I felt your breath on my cheek.

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