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Date with My Boys May 27, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:37 pm

My daughter had a play date with a friend today, so I took it upon myself to plan a date with my boys!  I enjoy spending time with two of my children at a time because they seem to be much better behaved that way!  Today’s outing allowed Logan to be the big brother to Luke without being in his big sister’s shadow.

We visited Freedom Park in Charlotte where I made them pose for my camera.  They would have rather dove into the pond, run through goose poo, and rolled in the grass, but that wouldn’t have made for nice pictures!  After our photo shoot, we headed over to the Charlotte Nature Museum for a visit.  We got to see newborn mice, a striped skunk, a groundhog, snakes, and turtles.  We also walked through the Butterfly Pavilion and enjoyed watching the butterflies flutter around and land on flowers.  The boys played and put a large floor puzzle together.  Then they got hungry!

Logan spotted a Chick-Fil-A and we picked up lunch to go and had a “Chick Pic” (that’s what Lindsay calls a picnic with Chick-Fil-A food) at a nearby park.  Logan and Luke played “space ships” and when they landed, we went to another park where there was more shade.  As I stood pushing Luke on a swing, he began singing at the top of his lungs “God is bigger than the boogie man” over and over and over.  I told Luke he made me smile!  I love it when those songs in his heart come out wherever we are, and he sings them with passion and no inhibition!

At two o’clock, we had to leave to pick up Lindsay.  It was a fun day for all of us!  Now, I need a nap!


One Response to “Date with My Boys”

  1. Lynn Brown Says:

    I love the front of the duck and the back end of Luke in the last picture. I know you had a wonderful morning with your boys.

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