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Summer Vacation June 6, 2010

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Although summer has not officially begun yet, my family and I have just returned from our one and only scheduled summer vacation.  We celebrated my son Logan’s 8th birthday this year with a trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (or “Tucky” as Luke calls it!).  Our school year covered history from Creation to the Greeks, so celebrating the end of school at the Creation Museum was quite appropriate!

The Creation Museum is nestled at the top of Kentucky, near the borders of Indiana and Ohio, in the rural country.  Our visit began with a planetarium show on the Cosmos which explained how small planet Earth is compared to the entire universe!  I left the theater asking Brad, “Why did God make all those stars and planets and all that vastness when there is only life on one of them?”  Our agreed answer:  It’s all for His glory!

After viewing another show called “Men in White,” we began our tour through the halls.  The kids were given a treasure hunt list of things to look for throughout the museum which kept their interest high.  The first part of the exhibits explain why and how we can trust the Bible as God’s true Word.  We were taught the “7 C’s of Biblical History:”  Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.  There was a magnificent hall dedicated to “Creation,” which showed the Garden of Eden in its perfect state (or as “perfect” as man can imagine it to be!).  There were waterfalls, animals hanging out together and not eyeing each other for dinner, and of course, Adam and Eve.  The next hall showed Corruption where sin was brought into the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience.  The first display in that part was a door with 8 locks on it and graffiti written over the door saying “The world is not safe anymore.”

Then we entered into the Catastrophe which chronicled Noah’s building of the ark, his family’s voyage during the Flood, and his safe landing on Mt. Ararat.  When Noah’s descendants refused to obey God’s directive to spread out all over the earth, they were struck with confusion of their language while they attempted to build the Tower of Babel.  That brought us to the hall of Confusion.

“The Last Adam” was a film shown which described Jesus’ birth, death on the cross, and the hope Christians have of Heaven and Christ’s return one day!  It was an excellent presentation of the Gospel!  There was a dinosaur display and an outdoor petting zoo and beautiful gardens and bridges to explore.  We ate lunch at Noah’s Cafe outside at a lovely table overlooking the pond and gardens.  Our table happened to be right next to the table where the Chairman of the Board of the Creation Museum was eating with his wife.  We enjoyed chatting with them and getting the scoop on a new project they are working on!

The next day we ventured into Cincinnati and visited the world famous Cincinnati Zoo.  It was one amazing zoo!  I saw animals that I had never even heard of before, like a fossa and a bearcat!  We saw vampire bats drinking blood (my boys loved that!), blind cave fish, dead leaf mantis (whose bodies actually looked like brown, dried, dead leaves!), bonobos, a white lion, a white tiger, manatees, and Brad’s favorite (just kidding!) a burmese python! Luke and I enjoyed a Dora and Diego 4D show, while Brad, Lindsay, and Logan saw the Funhouse 4D show.  We all enjoyed the Bird Show featuring an American Bald Eagle, an emu, parrots, a falcon, and a kookaburra which sang!  We rode the train, walked, and the kids really liked the mist zones where they cooled off!  We saw a mommy peacock with babies, walked a jungle trail and saw varied monkeys, fed lorikeets, watched a mommy seal swim with her baby, watched a polar bear swim, and saw a colobus monkey mommy swing with her tiny baby clinging to her fur!  What a varied array of animals God made for us to enjoy!  It was a long, tiring day (did I mention that we walked a lot?), and little Luke fell asleep in the car on the way back to our hotel.

Our wonderful hotel, Homewood Suites, had a complimentary breakfast and dinner, which was really nice on the budget!  After dinner and our day at the zoo, Brad took the two big kids to swim downstairs at the indoor pool while I got Luke ready for bed.  Now fire drills are common at hotels, or at least the ones Brad and I always manage to stay at, but the worst place to be when one happens is…..IN THE SHOWER ALONE WITH A SLEEPING 3 YEAR OLD!!  When I heard that obnoxiously loud alarm blaring in our room, my first thought was that maybe I had taken too hot of a shower and had set off the smoke detector in our room.  As I hurried to rinse shampoo out of my hair, Luke came crying into the bathroom asking me what was wrong.  I reassured him that everything was perfectly fine and I scurried into my clothes.  Just then Brad and the kids burst into the room with an “all is okay” report since they had just been downstairs.  Obviously, it was a false alarm!  Relief swept over me that I would not have to go outside with a towel wrapped around my head!

We headed home the next day, but stopped at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY to explore a little.  The park will host the World Equestrian Games this summer.  It is a scenic place of acres and acres of white fences and horses!  There are memorials to past famous race horses, including Secretariat and Man O’ War.  We saw miniature ponies, draft horses, and a 2,200 lb horse…needless to say, he was a monster!

We finally got home around 11pm that night and we were all worn out!  It was neat to get on the other side of the Appalachians and experience life on the other side, a new  part of the country to us!  How thankful I am that we have the freedom to explore this great, big land of ours!

My hope is that my children will take wonderful memories of their childhood into their adult life and create their own wonderful memories with their families!  And maybe they will let Brad and me tag along!