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Blue and Blue July 15, 2010

Filed under: Out of the Mouth of Babes — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:20 pm

It wasn’t until I had dropped off Logan at sports camp and arrived at Wal Mart with a shopping list, a quick stop before my daughter’s dermatology appointment, that I got a good look at what my three-year old was wearing.   This is what I saw:  (Just imagine him in a shopping cart!)

I exclaimed, “Luke, who dressed you this morning?”  He very proudly repsonded, “Myself!  Do you like it?”

Though he was a cute sight,  I did say, “Well, it doesn’t really match.”  With fashion confidence, he proclaimed, “Well, it’s blue and blue!”

Of course!  That’s how all my kids match their clothing choices!  If the shirt has any of the same color as the shorts, it’s a match!  I guess I need to teach them about coordinating patterns!

If you see us out and about today, be sure to compliment Luke on his outfit!  I’m proud that he is taking it upon himself to get dressed, even if he is mismatched!


2 Responses to “Blue and Blue”

  1. Lynn Brown Says:

    He is so precious! I love his independence.

  2. Karie Says:

    Tell little Luke that Aunt Karie will help him with coordinating patterns. I think he is precious and I am proud of his independence. My Madison is wearing a pink top with purple striped pants as I type. But hey, she dressed herself and we are not really going anywhere.

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