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The Right Message August 30, 2010

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It was my mother’s birthday, and among the cards she received was a memorable one.  Memorable because it was not a birthday card at all, but a sympathy card!  Her friend, obviously in a hurry, must have grabbed the wrong card out of her “Cards For Every Occasion” box, signed it, and put it in the mail.  I mean, my mom was a year older, but to send sympathy wishes was over the edge!  But we did get a good laugh out of it!

We, too, can sometimes send the wrong message by the way we behave, speak, or treat others.  We convey a lot without even opening our mouths.  Body language (eye contact, yawning, posture) can tell someone if we are bored or truly interested in what he or she is saying.  By Jesus’ example, we should show respect, love, and kindness to everyone.  This shows that we really care for the person.  Each person is so precious in the eyes of the Lord, and we should treat people that way!  Even with all the people who constantly surrounded Jesus, He still took time to minister to the individual with compassion.

When complimenting someone, make sure your words come across that way.  Words have the power to build up or tear down.  You may be the only one who will encourage a certain person on any given day.  Make a concerted effort to send the right message!


Do This Forever August 29, 2010

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Last night, Brad and I took our children to a local theme park for the evening.  It was a treat for them because we stayed until closing time at 10:00pm (way past normal Saturday night bedtime!).   It was a gamble for Brad and me because we risked having a difficult Sunday morning with getting three tired kiddos out of bed and ready for church by 9:00am!

We started the night off with a roller coaster.  Lindsay and Logan got me on one that had two cork screw loops, and I didn’t scream!  They loved it, but next time I think I’ll pass.  When the crowd thinned out and the lines got shorter, we really enjoyed our time.  As darkness came, the kids loved seeing the blinking, twinkling lights that lit up the park.

As we headed to the children’s rides, I picked Luke up to carry him because it was such a long way.  He did not ask me to pick him up and he was doing his best to keep up, but when I had him tucked in my arms, he said, “Do this forever!”  Obviously, he was happy for a lift!  Brad and I laughed!  I said to Luke, “I wish I could hold you forever, but you are growing up so fast!  I will be content to hold you for today!”

Our Sunday morning routine went well, so I guess we may find ourselves at the park on a Saturday night again soon!


“CC” August 25, 2010

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Last night the weather was so comfortable, with little humidity and a slight cool breeze.  (Could it be a hint of fall?)  After our early dinner, I suggested we go check out a new park in town we had just discovered.  It borders the woods and is covered with lots of shade.  The park has swings, monkey bars, a slide, and a wooden play house with a fireman pole and climbing wall.

As we walked into the park, a white cat walked out of the woods and joined us.  He had no collar, but was very affectionate, confident, and friendly.  Immediately, Logan wanted to take him home.  I explained that there was no reason for me to believe this cat did not have a home.  He was clean, well fed, and well behaved.  Besides, we sure did not want to take a cat that might remotely belong to a family living near the park. (And what in the world would our own cat, Ainsley, think??)

After some play, we decided to explore a trail through the woods to see where it led.  We walked over bridges and through an under-the-road tunnel and ended up on a paved trail behind houses, this white cat following us the whole way.  He would sprint ahead of us, climbing part way up some trees, and then lay down in the middle of the trail to wait for us to catch up.  What a character!  Brad nicknamed him “CC” for Crazy Cat.

We turned around to head back to the park and the cat followed us again, this time panting!  It was a good hike, even for us, much less a young cat!  It was time to leave, and Logan turned on the tears about taking “CC” home with us.  As we approached street level and headed to our car, “CC” ran across the street (in front of a biker who was forced to slow down) and laid across the front steps of a townhouse.  We figured that was where “CC” lived, and he was happy!

Logan wants to go back to the park, not so much to play, but to look for a white cat coming out of the woods.  Who knew that a simple trip to the park would create such a memory!  I love my tender-hearted Logan!


Today’s Adventure

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Both of my boys had doctor appointments this afternoon.  Logan’s 8 year-old check up was way over due, and Luke was due for his 4 year-old check up.  Their pediatrician is wonderful, so personable with the kids, patient and kind.  He is also the one who does not give the shots!  He leaves that job to his nurse so he isn’t considered the “bad guy!”

Logan needed his second Hep A vaccination and Luke needed three immunizations (two of which were a combo of vaccines).  I opted to just have one of Luke’s given today and spread the others out over the next year.  Before the nurse came in, Logan made it clear he did not want a shot.  I told him the worst part of a shot was the anticipation of it, and that the actual shot wasn’t so bad, although it would hurt a little.  Nurse Lori came in and asked who wanted to go first.  Since Luke was sitting on the table, I suggested he go first.  She got Luke to look at me and blow like the Big Bad Wolf blew the little pig’s house down, and before he knew what hit him, a Charlie Brown and Snoopy band-aid was being stuck to his leg.  He teared up and then laughed.  He said to the nurse, “That was awesome!”  She and I started laughing and I asked her if she’d heard that before!  Then Logan had his turn, and he huffed and puffed and blew and before he knew it, he was also being bandaged up.  No tears!  Although, later he milked it for all it was worth.  His leg hurt, he couldn’t walk, he needed a leg rub, and on and on!

On the way home, we stopped by Trader Joe’s grocery store to pick up a few things (and left with more than a few things!).  The kids always enjoy looking for the stuffed animals they have hidden around the store in a Treasure Hunt.  If they find them all, they can visit the Treasure Chest for a treat.  As I circled through Produce, Luke yells and points from my cart, “Pig!”  I look up at where his finger is pointing and see a woman pushing a cart with a little girl.  I was horrified that he had just called this mom a pig!  Then I saw the stuffed pig behind her sitting with the apples.  I sure hope she didn’t think my son was calling her a pig, too!  Nah, I’m sure she knows all about the Treasure Hunt!!  Then all three ran off to the Treasure Chest (yes, even Logan!)!

Needless to say, it’s always an adventure when making an outing with my kids!


Wait Update August 23, 2010

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After less than two days’ wait, Luke’s Mr. Lego head arrived Saturday morning!  I was careful to check each time Luke went potty until I knew it had safely made its journey through to the end.  (Although Brad did confess that on his watch, he refused to check the toilet for Mr. Lego.  I’m glad he waited to tell me that until after I had found it.  As a mom, I want to KNOW that the Lego piece is out of my son’s system and not stuck inside him somewhere!)

Mr. Lego is still smiling, and so is Mama, with a sigh of relief!!


Wait It Out August 20, 2010

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The solution to a lot of our problems and stresses is to simply wait them out.  So many things are beyond our control, and we just have to wait upon the Lord and trust Him to do a good work.  This goes against our human nature because we want to jump in and fix it fast!

I was reminded of this very thing just last night when my four-year-old came hysterically crying to me that he had swallowed something.  Lindsay and I finally got out of him that he had accidentally swallowed a small Lego head.  I immediately got Luke ready to take to Urgent Care.  I wiped chocolate pudding off his face, washed his hands, and put a clean shirt on him.   In my desire to act quickly to get him help, I thought maybe I should call Urgent Care and see what they recommend.  I did call and talked with a nurse who assured me that the Lego piece would pass through my son’s system and a trip into the office would not be necessary.  The solution to this problem is to wait it out.  So that’s what we’re doing!  Literally, waiting it out!

Oh, God, thank you for not letting Luke choke on the Lego piece and thank you for reminding me to wait on and trust in You for everything!


5 Star August 12, 2010

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I just had dinner at a 5 Star Restaurant!  It’s called “The Three L’s” and you won’t find it anywhere in the world except in my house!  My children converted our bonus room into a restaurant.  They were busy all day setting up the kitchen, planning and making menus, and even making dinner bills to hand out at the end of the meal.  They continually asked me throughout the day to come to their restaurant, and I finally made the time.
This was my handsome date.  He and I were seated at a lovely window table with a view (of the neighbors’ backyards).  We ordered from the neatly printed (but cutely misspelled) menus.  This was our very pleasant waitress:

We were invited to go to the “window” to watch the chef do his thing at the grill.  We watched as Chef Logan (yes, one of the L’s in “The Three L’s”) worked his grill!  He knew what needed to  be flipped and when.  One of the specials of the night was a pepper steak he created!  (Last week while visiting with my mother, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner.  They, in fact, had a plexiglass window where you could watch the cooks at work.  My boys were thoroughly entertained by them while waiting for our food to arrive.  Logan even noted one of the cooks wearing an ipod, so that’s why he is also wearing one while he cooks!  Although Logan’s “ipod” is actually a compass on a string.  I just love his creativity!)

It was  a joy spending time with my children in their pretend world.  Luke and I got tickled when he put too much black pepper on my steak, and I faked a sneezing attack!  How fun pretend play is!  I remember my grandmother coming to tea hosted by my sister and me when we were little girls.  It means a lot when an adult takes time to enter the world of a child!