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5 Star August 12, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 1:40 am

I just had dinner at a 5 Star Restaurant!  It’s called “The Three L’s” and you won’t find it anywhere in the world except in my house!  My children converted our bonus room into a restaurant.  They were busy all day setting up the kitchen, planning and making menus, and even making dinner bills to hand out at the end of the meal.  They continually asked me throughout the day to come to their restaurant, and I finally made the time.
This was my handsome date.  He and I were seated at a lovely window table with a view (of the neighbors’ backyards).  We ordered from the neatly printed (but cutely misspelled) menus.  This was our very pleasant waitress:

We were invited to go to the “window” to watch the chef do his thing at the grill.  We watched as Chef Logan (yes, one of the L’s in “The Three L’s”) worked his grill!  He knew what needed to  be flipped and when.  One of the specials of the night was a pepper steak he created!  (Last week while visiting with my mother, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner.  They, in fact, had a plexiglass window where you could watch the cooks at work.  My boys were thoroughly entertained by them while waiting for our food to arrive.  Logan even noted one of the cooks wearing an ipod, so that’s why he is also wearing one while he cooks!  Although Logan’s “ipod” is actually a compass on a string.  I just love his creativity!)

It was  a joy spending time with my children in their pretend world.  Luke and I got tickled when he put too much black pepper on my steak, and I faked a sneezing attack!  How fun pretend play is!  I remember my grandmother coming to tea hosted by my sister and me when we were little girls.  It means a lot when an adult takes time to enter the world of a child!


2 Responses to “5 Star”

  1. Marmee Says:

    How lovely to have enjoyed an evening at a 5 star restaurant. I so enjoy the magnificent atmosphere at these places. And, to think, you were seated at a window! I hope to visit that restaurant when I’m in town.

  2. Karie Calhoun Says:

    I remember turning my room into a store and tea house. Although, we charged for the merchandise (real money) and then later collected our things back that we sold. 🙂 Fun to play! Tell the L’s to have the restaurant set up for Aunt Karie in Oct.

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