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Wait It Out August 20, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 11:50 am

The solution to a lot of our problems and stresses is to simply wait them out.  So many things are beyond our control, and we just have to wait upon the Lord and trust Him to do a good work.  This goes against our human nature because we want to jump in and fix it fast!

I was reminded of this very thing just last night when my four-year-old came hysterically crying to me that he had swallowed something.  Lindsay and I finally got out of him that he had accidentally swallowed a small Lego head.  I immediately got Luke ready to take to Urgent Care.  I wiped chocolate pudding off his face, washed his hands, and put a clean shirt on him.   In my desire to act quickly to get him help, I thought maybe I should call Urgent Care and see what they recommend.  I did call and talked with a nurse who assured me that the Lego piece would pass through my son’s system and a trip into the office would not be necessary.  The solution to this problem is to wait it out.  So that’s what we’re doing!  Literally, waiting it out!

Oh, God, thank you for not letting Luke choke on the Lego piece and thank you for reminding me to wait on and trust in You for everything!


One Response to “Wait It Out”

  1. Karie Calhoun Says:

    Madison swallowed the smallest part of the Russian Wooden Doll set (starts big and goes tiny). She did this 3 times. We dug it out three times. Then I put the wooden set up high. She is a stinker!!

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