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“CC” August 25, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 11:33 pm

Last night the weather was so comfortable, with little humidity and a slight cool breeze.  (Could it be a hint of fall?)  After our early dinner, I suggested we go check out a new park in town we had just discovered.  It borders the woods and is covered with lots of shade.  The park has swings, monkey bars, a slide, and a wooden play house with a fireman pole and climbing wall.

As we walked into the park, a white cat walked out of the woods and joined us.  He had no collar, but was very affectionate, confident, and friendly.  Immediately, Logan wanted to take him home.  I explained that there was no reason for me to believe this cat did not have a home.  He was clean, well fed, and well behaved.  Besides, we sure did not want to take a cat that might remotely belong to a family living near the park. (And what in the world would our own cat, Ainsley, think??)

After some play, we decided to explore a trail through the woods to see where it led.  We walked over bridges and through an under-the-road tunnel and ended up on a paved trail behind houses, this white cat following us the whole way.  He would sprint ahead of us, climbing part way up some trees, and then lay down in the middle of the trail to wait for us to catch up.  What a character!  Brad nicknamed him “CC” for Crazy Cat.

We turned around to head back to the park and the cat followed us again, this time panting!  It was a good hike, even for us, much less a young cat!  It was time to leave, and Logan turned on the tears about taking “CC” home with us.  As we approached street level and headed to our car, “CC” ran across the street (in front of a biker who was forced to slow down) and laid across the front steps of a townhouse.  We figured that was where “CC” lived, and he was happy!

Logan wants to go back to the park, not so much to play, but to look for a white cat coming out of the woods.  Who knew that a simple trip to the park would create such a memory!  I love my tender-hearted Logan!


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