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Do This Forever August 29, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:45 pm

Last night, Brad and I took our children to a local theme park for the evening.  It was a treat for them because we stayed until closing time at 10:00pm (way past normal Saturday night bedtime!).   It was a gamble for Brad and me because we risked having a difficult Sunday morning with getting three tired kiddos out of bed and ready for church by 9:00am!

We started the night off with a roller coaster.  Lindsay and Logan got me on one that had two cork screw loops, and I didn’t scream!  They loved it, but next time I think I’ll pass.  When the crowd thinned out and the lines got shorter, we really enjoyed our time.  As darkness came, the kids loved seeing the blinking, twinkling lights that lit up the park.

As we headed to the children’s rides, I picked Luke up to carry him because it was such a long way.  He did not ask me to pick him up and he was doing his best to keep up, but when I had him tucked in my arms, he said, “Do this forever!”  Obviously, he was happy for a lift!  Brad and I laughed!  I said to Luke, “I wish I could hold you forever, but you are growing up so fast!  I will be content to hold you for today!”

Our Sunday morning routine went well, so I guess we may find ourselves at the park on a Saturday night again soon!


One Response to “Do This Forever”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    He says the sweetest things!!

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