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Crayon Fun September 4, 2010

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:19 pm

Brad and Logan went to the dirt track last night for some male bonding.  Lindsay went to a friend’s birthday party sleepover for some girl time.  So last night, it was just me and my favorite four-year-old!

Wanting Luke to feel special, since he had his Mama all to himself, I decided we would make our own fun crayons.  I had found the craft idea in a Home Life magazine (September 2010) and was curious.  We pulled down our tub of crayons, peeled the paper off of them, broke them (some crayons did not need this step!), and placed them in pleasing color combinations into six greased muffin cups.  They baked for about 15 minutes at 275 degrees.  After cooling over night, this morning we popped our chubby “new” crayons out of the muffin pan and colored away!  It was fun!  There was a science lesson involved too:  heat melts wax to a liquid.  Cooling allows the wax to turn back into a solid.  Voila…science with a four-year-old! 

Now Luke has six, fun tye-dyed crayons of his very own!  They were fun to make, but mostly I just liked spending time with my Luke!


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