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Apple Pickin’ September 19, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 10:47 pm

We have just returned from our annual apple picking trip to the mountains.  We met my in-laws at a family member’s mountain house and picked apples at Sky Top Apple Orchard.  This was the first year in several that it was not foggy and overcast and we could actually view the surrounding mountains!  It was beautiful, but hot!  I was really hoping for more fall-like crisp, cool weather.

As we ventured through the orchard, I came across a family with two young boys taking pictures.  I began talking with the wife, and my husband came up behind me and instantly he and the other husband recognized each other from a recent event where they had just first met!  Oh, and my mother-in-law knows his grandfather!  Big orchard, small world!

We walked to the back of the orchard where we finally found some  delicious apples to fill our baskets.  We picked golden delicious, jonagolds, and fuji.  Of course we could not leave without buying a dozen of Sky Top’s  mouth-watering, absolutely incredibly delicious cider apple doughnuts!  The smell of them frying is almost enough to clog arteries and increase the waist line!

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and the boys finished the day off with a nap!  We had a wonderful time and we just love our times to get away to the mountains.

Now that we are home, I will need to get busy making applesauce, and apple juice, and apple crisp, and apple pie, and baked apples…


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