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Cooking with Apples October 3, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:52 pm

After one of my children pulled our huge bag of apples, which we had picked in the mountains, from the pantry and strategically placed it in the middle of the kitchen floor where I would trip over it, I decided I would get busy and finally make applesauce!  Homemade applesauce is simple and healthy!  I cored, peeled, and quartered about 9 apples of varying sizes, placed them in a pot with  2 1/4 cups of water, and simmered until the apples were mushy and easily broken apart with a spoon.  Generally, you add 1/4 cup of water per apple.  We prefer to eat our homemade applesauce warm and sprinkled with cinnamon.  However, sugar or brown sugar may be added.  (My kids never asked for sweetener, so I didn’t offer it!)  It was delicious!

Later in the week, Luke needed something to do while his brother and sister were reading, so he and I decided to make an apple crisp.  He used my handy “Apple Peeler Corer Slicer” to prepare our apples.  Can you tell how much he loved this job?  We placed the apples in a dish, sprinkled them with nutmeg, and made a topping of 1/2 cup organic flour, 1/2 cup organic sugar, cinnamon, butter, and salt to sprinkle on top.  As it baked, my house smelled like fall!  It made for a yummy dessert!

Luke was so proud of “his” dessert!  Spend some time this fall in the kitchen with your children!  I cannot wait to make my pumpkin chocolate chip bread with them!