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Soccer Sillies October 6, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:45 pm

My four-year-old Luke is playing soccer for the first time this fall.  He is so cute running around on the field, trying to keep up with the pack of kids around the ball.  He’s usually the one lagging behind the pack.  He’s also the one usually looking to his fans on the sidelines and giving the thumbs-up!

After his very first practice, he told me at home, “I really liked it when you yelled my name.”  What he was saying was that he really like the praise and cheering coming from his mom, dad, sister, and brother!  He melted my heart!

At his practice this week, he was making silly faces at one little girl on his team.  He also picked up the orange cones and placed them on his head for her to see.  (He is the future “class clown,” I’m afraid.)  When he came over to me for a water break, I told him to listen and obey his coach and to stop making silly faces at that little girl.  His response:  “She likes it!  She laughs!”

Oh my…where has my baby gone?


One Response to “Soccer Sillies”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    He was so cute Saturday morning – running behind the pack and smiling for me and my camera on the sidelines! I didn’t mean to be a distraction! He was smiling, running and giving the thumbs-up!

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