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Lessons in Litter October 18, 2010

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 4:29 pm

Well, my four-year-old has done it again!  He has swallowed yet another non-food item.  This time he swallowed cat litter.  What am I going to do with that little boy?  You may be thinking, “How in the world did he swallow cat litter?”  Well, that was my exact question for him.  Here is the story I got:

All three kids were playing outside yesterday with a neighborhood friend.  Wait a minute, I need to back up a little bit more…the day before, my husband retrieved cat litter from the cat’s litter box to put over a small oil spill in our driveway.  The kids’ friend decided to pick up that cat litter and carry it to the backyard and put it on the trampoline (I never found out why…maybe to watch it pop up into the air as they jumped?).

As they all jumped, Luke fell mouth first into some of the litter and swallowed it.  Logan came running in to me saying “Emergency!”  (not what Mom wants to hear when her kids are outside playing on a trampoline!).  I went out the back door to find Luke crying.  Then I got the above story out of them eventually.

Through this incident, my husband and I taught our children to stand up for what’s right.  If they see a friend doing something that they think may in any way not be a wise thing to do, they need to stand up and not “go along with the crowd.”  Just because a friend does something does not make it right.  If there is a check in their spirits, they need to speak up, stand up, and stop it!  We explained that the cat litter was dirty and even possibly full of motor oil.  It’s not a good thing to swallow!  As a big sister and a big brother, it is important they they protect their little brother from all kinds of harm because if there is anything around that could possibly be swallowed Luke will manage it somehow.

After praying over Luke, we are watching him for any signs of sickness.  I think he will be fine, but it’s always stressful when a child swallows something he shouldn’t (especially since we are right at a year after his hospitalization for Staph Scalded Skin Syndrome)!  If my kids learn a lesson in litter, then I guess it will be worth it.  God can use anything to teach us, shape us, and hopefully change us for His glory!