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Personalize It! February 15, 2011

Filed under: Devotions — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:52 pm

Don’t we just love things with our names on them?  For an additional charge, you can get just about anything personalized!  Bags, jewelry, stationery, clothing, hair bows, aprons, lunch boxes, back packs, towels, coffee mugs, key chains, slippers, and so much more!  We love our name and initials on our things!  Why?  I think because we can identify quickly with the object.  Something personalized with our name clearly belongs to us!

We can even have our Bibles personalized.  My Bible has my name on the very front cover in gold lettering.  But what about personalizing Scripture?  I am journaling my way slowly through the Psalms, and this morning I read in Psalm 25.  I decided to personalize verses 4 and 5, by inserting my name in place of “my.”  So this is what I wrote in my journal:  “Show Michelle Your ways, O Lord;  teach Michelle Your paths.  Lead Michelle in Your truth and teach Michelle, for You are the God of Michelle’s salvation;  on You Michelle waits all the day.”  It really made an impact on me to read those verses with my name.  Scripture is personal!  I could quickly identify with it because it belonged to me!  I made those verses my prayer this morning.

God’s Word is a love letter written to you and to me!  Personalize it with your name!  It is meant for you!


One Response to “Personalize It!”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Thank you! I love that!

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