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Recycled Valentines February 15, 2011

Filed under: Tips and Tidbits — Michelle Ferguson @ 7:54 pm

When Lindsay and Logan were preschoolers and came home on February 14th with all their cute valentines, I could not bear to throw them away.  The precious handwriting of their little friends’ inexperienced hands and the sweet sentiments were treasured memories I couldn’t bear to part with!  (I am not that sentimental about a lot of things, because I am known to toss a lot!)

So I took those valentines and spread them over contact paper, covered them with another piece of contact paper, and trimmed to even the edges.  Then my children had a valentine’s place mat!  Now that Luke is in preschool and came home yesterday with several valentines, we made a place mat for him!  Lindsay really enjoyed looking at her old preschool place mat and asking who some of the children were and giggling over the cards!  Recycled valentines make the best place mats that can be enjoyed for years!



One Response to “Recycled Valentines”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    SO creative!!

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