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Kids Eat Free! February 17, 2011

Filed under: Brad and Me Plus 3 — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:42 pm

On a lot of Thursday nights, you will find the Ferguson family eating dinner at Earth Fare grocery store.  Why?  Three beautiful words:  Kids eat free!  Because Earth Fare is “dedicated to providing families with affordable healthy alternatives to their conventional staples,” they host a Family Dinner Night every Thursday from 4-8 pm where up to six kids can eat free per one adult meal purchased.  So, to keep things even cheaper, Brad and I order one sandwich to split (it comes with a generous portion of blue corn chips) and purchase two bottled teas.  Usually we eat there, but have also been known to bring our dinner home.

One night, Earth Fare was so busy, we had to eat at a table right at the sliding glass door entrance…and it was a freezing, cold night.  We would cringe whenever someone would approach to exit, then brace for the burst of chilly wind.  It was a pretty miserable location for a table in the middle of winter, but at least we had a table.  Honestly, it is the one table we’ve sat at that’s held the most memories!  We laugh whenever we think of that table!

The kids get their own menus and circle their selections of entree, two sides, and a drink.  It really is a great deal, and I know they are getting something healthy (except maybe the pizza) to eat.  Then of course we walk around the store and can usually find something to buy (which might be part of their motivation behind Family Dinner Night!).  One night, we noticed a machine that grinds peanuts into peanut butter.  So we tried it out with honey roasted peanuts, watching the peanuts turn into a creamy butter and fill our plastic container.  It was really delicious!

There is an artist on hand who draws caricatures for tips.  All three children have had theirs drawn and have proudly displayed them in their rooms.   Sometimes we see friends there and we’ve about made some new friends by just seeing them every week at Earth Fare and speaking to them!  It is definitely a fun way to spend a Thursday night!



One Response to “Kids Eat Free!”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    There you go again – making more memories!! Love it!!

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