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Winter Survival Tips March 11, 2011

Filed under: Tips and Tidbits — Michelle Ferguson @ 3:02 pm

Maybe I should have shared this at the beginning of winter versus the end?  Oh well, to share now is better than to not share at all!  As spring quickly approaches on the calendar (although it’s been here in the South since February…I think Punxsutawney Phil got it right this year!), I look forward to warmer weather, being outdoors more, and flu season being over!

In reflecting over our winter, I am so, so thankful to God for His care over us.  Besides a sniffle, a sore throat, and a cough here and there, our family survived winter pretty well this year.  What I mean is…no stomach bug and no missed school days to sickness!  That was not the case the year before when all of us were sick with the stomach bug at one or more points during the season.  Images of my poor husband with a tee shirt tightly tied around his nose and mouth make me laugh now as he struggled to clean up physical evidence of the horrible bug!!

Here are a few things we did this winter to help us stay well.  Disinfect surfaces with antibacterial wipes.  One of my daughter’s jobs is to wipe the bathroom counters down every other day.  Wipe light switches, door knobs, and cabinet hardware as well.  Change hand towels frequently, especially before and after having guests.  Change toothbrushes frequently, especially after a cold, sore throat, or stomach bug!  Use hand sanitizer with a  minimum of 60% alcohol content to kill microbes. All that alcohol can dry out your hands, so keep a good moisturizing lotion handy at bedtime!  Everytime I take my kids into any kind of public place, we cover our hands with sanitizer when we get back into the car.  We also keep our sanitizer on the table with us at restaurants.  I have also been known to carry antibacterial wipes with me in my purse to wipe down grocery carts.  This was especially helpful when my children were little.  Lots of places are now providing sanitizing wipes for their carts…use them!  I read an article recently at that in a recent study of 85 grocery carts in 4 states, 72% tested positive for fecal matter and 50% for E. coli, dirtier than a public restroom!  Yuck!  When I can, I try to plan my grocery trips where I don’t have to take my children.

During the winter months, I give my children a multi-vitamin and at the first onset of a cold, I give them Sambucus, which is an immune booster of black elderberry and echinacea.  It is a tasty syrup with amazing results!  My husband and I also take a whole foods energizer multi-vitamin.

Washing hands frequently is the key to warding off those germs!  Every time we get home from being out, my kids have been trained to wash their hands first thing, even if we just used hand sanitizer in the car.  Hand sanitizer is no replacement for a good soap and water cleansing!

We are bound to meet germs around every corner, but I don’t want to go down without a fight!  Thank you God for the spring time!  And speaking of spring, don’t forget to move your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday because  Daylight Savings time begins!


2 Responses to “Winter Survival Tips”

  1. Karie Garner Says:

    Thanks for the tip on Sambucus. I always use Umcka which works well but I’m going to try Sambucus too. And I’m definitely wiping down my grocery cart from now on. Yuck!!!

  2. Betty Parker Says:

    Lots of good tips. thank the Lord – we stayed well this winter too – except for my little bout of something at our Christmas party! lol I’ve been wiping grocery carts for some time now; after reading this – I surely will wipe even better!!!! Gene and I take 2 vitamin C twice a day – maybe this has helped & we take a multivitamin; I wash my hands a lot & also use sanitizer;

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