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My Birthday Cake March 28, 2011

Filed under: The Ferguson Family — Michelle Ferguson @ 6:23 pm

My precious daughter, Lindsay, asked me last week what my favorite cake was because she really wanted to make me a birthday cake.  Without hesitation, I replied, “Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries.”  We found the recipe, bought the ingredients, and Sunday afternoon, she worked her magic in the kitchen.  The only thing I did to help was wash, slice, and prepare the strawberries for the recipe.  She did all the rest, including making the homemade icing, stacking the three layers, and icing it.  She even picked out the fun candles to put on top!

We laughed because it turned out crooked!  I pretended to walk crooked after I ate my piece!  Though it wasn’t what the world would call “perfect,” I thought it was!  My daughter gave me the gift of a cake and, more importantly, the gift of her love!  I love you, my Lindsay!


2 Responses to “My Birthday Cake”

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Another memory! Such fun! Hope your day was happy!

  2. Karie Garner Says:

    Cute picture of both of you and a yummy looking cake!!

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