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Update on the Purple Ribbon Nest April 27, 2011

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While I was outside earlier this afternoon, I walked past my holly bush and decided to check on my new neighbor’s Purple Ribbon Nest.  To my delight, I discovered two delicate, blue-speckled eggs!  I was ecstatic, but before I shared the news with my family, I…..ran for my camera!

Notice that Mama Mockingbird rearranged the purple ribbon (see post from April 3 to compare!).  Is that anything like us rearranging furniture to spice things up a bit?  🙂


Camping and Bonding April 11, 2011

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When my husband came home from work on Thursday afternoon, he announced to the kids that he was taking them camping Friday night.  Excited squeals filled the air immediately!  He called our local nature preserve and reserved a tent site.  Since I love to encourage father/child bonding (and since our house with my bed was so close), I gracefully bowed out of this over nighter!

Friday morning was busy with preparations, as I watched Lindsay pack for herself and oversee her brothers’ packing!  Brad loaded the tent, chairs, air mattress, sleeping bags, pillows, water bottles, food, and other supplies into the truck and they were off.  After setting up camp, they took a hike.  On the way, Lindsay found a bird’s nest that had fallen out of a tree, complete with its cracked eggs.  Luke found a caterpillar that crawled on his arm up to his shoulder.  Logan found a walking stick (as he always manages to do!).  They fed graham crackers to fish at the water’s edge and took pictures of seashells.

I met them for dinner, but I stopped by Salsarita’s first for Mexican to go for five!  I admit that was cheating, but it sure was easy!  The kids played at the playground for a little bit, then Brad started a camp fire.  We roasted marshmallows and enjoyed each other’s company.  (Some of us like our marshmallows a little more charred than others!)  As dusk fell, I said my good nights and left them to the wild!

They came home Saturday afternoon, tired and dirtier than I’ve ever seen them!  They all had a wonderful time and made wonderful memories, and I think I have the most wonderful husband in the world!


A Child’s Thoughts on Heaven April 9, 2011

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The other morning, I was preparing to quickly brush Luke’s teeth in order to get him out the door for preschool.  This is his least favorite part of our morning routine.  He suddenly said, “I’m going to like Heaven, mama.”  Wondering where in the world this comment had come from, I asked, “Why?”  To that he replied, “Because I won’t have to brush my teeth there!”

I  had never thought of that as a heavenly benefit, but I suppose he’s right!  For certain, there won’t be tooth decay in Heaven, so no need to brush!  Interesting insight!



“The Purple Ribbon” April 3, 2011

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I watched my new neighbor prepare her home;

She worked carefully, diligently, and alone.

My curiosity got the best of me,

When I discovered she was a mother-to-be!


She darted around with only one mission in mind,

My stopping to stare did not put her in a bind.

Trip after trip for just the right things,

Sticks, pine straw, and paper, she brings.


You see, my new neighbor is a mockingbird,

Who built her nest without one word.

A beautifully crafted masterpiece crib,

Woven in my holly bush with quick and skillful nib.


While she was away, I got a closer look,

Ran for my camera and a few pictures I took.

A purple ribbon was the last perfect part

To make her home cozy and give the best start.

A poet I am not, but I was inspired to write this after watching a mockingbird at work building her perfect nest.  When I peeked into the bush and saw the purple ribbon, I laughed out loud!  How like us moms to want our homes to be functional and beautiful!