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“The Purple Ribbon” April 3, 2011

Filed under: Life in the Slow Lane — Michelle Ferguson @ 8:11 pm

I watched my new neighbor prepare her home;

She worked carefully, diligently, and alone.

My curiosity got the best of me,

When I discovered she was a mother-to-be!


She darted around with only one mission in mind,

My stopping to stare did not put her in a bind.

Trip after trip for just the right things,

Sticks, pine straw, and paper, she brings.


You see, my new neighbor is a mockingbird,

Who built her nest without one word.

A beautifully crafted masterpiece crib,

Woven in my holly bush with quick and skillful nib.


While she was away, I got a closer look,

Ran for my camera and a few pictures I took.

A purple ribbon was the last perfect part

To make her home cozy and give the best start.

A poet I am not, but I was inspired to write this after watching a mockingbird at work building her perfect nest.  When I peeked into the bush and saw the purple ribbon, I laughed out loud!  How like us moms to want our homes to be functional and beautiful!


One Response to ““The Purple Ribbon””

  1. Betty Parker Says:

    Another talent!!! You ARE a poet!! Love the purple ribbon!!

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